Healing, writing, creating...

Born and raised in rural Illinois, my early path was focused on exploring the healing arts which led me to a doctorate degree in holistic healing.  Recently, I have become especially interested in mindfulness as a means to personal rejuvenation and connection to divine flow.  The focus of my artwork is to transmit a wish for well-being onto paper and canvas.  May you be well.



I love using natural elements to create a soothing visual meditation.  To find myself being astonished by the simplest nuances of color, texture, and light is the sweetest kiss from life itself.

Concrete Constructs Spirit - The Series

This series is a mystical collaboration between me and my parents. Many years ago, these leaf impressions were the focal points for concrete art that my parents were creating. Now that my parents are in spirit, their artistry is reborn in these images, and I am captivated by the divine interplay between the tender details of the departed leaves and the boldness of the concrete that constructs their spirit.



My paintings are acrylic on canvas and are inspired by a deep connection to Mother Nature, whimsical playfulness, and the beauty in simplicity.


I am not doing this on my own

In fact I had the smallest part.

The water, she had a big part

and the form that held the water

and mother earth that held the form.

The sun, he supplied all the light

and the clouds that shaped the light

and the sky that held the clouds.

The wind, she provided all the movement

and somehow blew the invisible air

and formed all the ripples.

The color

who in the world made all the color?

a hundred shades of greens and blues.

I, I simply pushed the button.

               --Stacey Harris